Discover Easton Motors Of Beaver Dam
Discover Easton Motors Of Beaver Dam

Discover Easton Motors Of Beaver Dam

March 23, 2024

We’re wrapping up our dealership spotlight series with a final post that highlights the work being done at our Beaver Dam location. To see our previous posts for our four other bad credit used car dealerships, please see here for Easton Motors of Adams, here for Easton Motors of Baraboo, here for Easton Motors of Portage, or here for Easton Motors of West Salem.

History and Serving Areas

Established in 2005, Easton Motors of Beaver Dam serves drivers from all over Dodge and Fond du Lac Counties, including Janesville, Madison, West Bend, and Oshkosh. We’ve helped thousands of drivers in Central Wisconsin not only purchase a great used vehicle, but restore their credit and borrowing capabilities in the process.

Our Philosophy

We like to keep things simple–and we don’t like to over-promise on what your credit can get you–but we do believe that everyone who comes to us for credit help deserves good information in order to make an informed decision about what’s best for their personal or family finances.

We know that buying a car can be a stressful situation. Sure, it’s fun to browse dealership websites and daydream about what life behind the wheel of that new $60,000 SUV would be like, or how a new hybrid would help with touch-and-go fuel costs. But most of our guests aren’t in a position to bargain with dealerships, and most banks don’t want to take the risk to finance a driver with credit issues. That’s where we come in. We embrace the opportunity to step up to the plate and assist drivers in their time of need, and partner with them for better financial planning down the road.

Finance Tips: When Getting Credit Is Hard

The first thing someone should do if they’re in need of in-house auto financing is to come to the dealership prepared and pre-approved. Bring in everything you will need for your appointment, like paycheck stubs, proof of residence, a valid driver’s license, any available down payment funds, and a trade-in (where applicable).

Secondly, if you happen to be coming to an Easton Motors location, we encourage all of our guests to be honest about their financial situation—both with us, and with themselves. We’re not here to judge you but to help you get back on the right track to improve your credit; the best way we can quickly finance you and get you back on the road is to set reasonable expectations about what kind of car you can afford. You may not qualify for the big truck of your dreams with all the bells and whistles, but we will get you into a reliable vehicle that fits your budget and your transportation goals. Over time, we’ll work to help get you upgraded into that dream truck or SUV, as many of our longtime guests can attest to.

We hope that everyone who visits our website or comes into our dealership knows that there are people in their community who want to help them, and are in a position to do so. Rebuilding credit is never easy, but preparing yourself to work hard toward your financial goals, and being patient with the process, makes all the difference.

Why We Love Being In Beaver Dam

It’s great to be able to help people and families in need when most automotive dealerships are not able to. When our guests leave with their new vehicle they can relax and be confident that they are getting something that will last. To see someone come to us stressed out and then see how excited, happy, and relieved they are after their purchase makes our day. Our guests are important to us, and we strive to make their experience the best one ever.

As Branch Manager for Easton Motors of Beaver Dam, Vickie Jones has personally packaged hundreds of used car loans for drivers with bad credit, and has lots of valuable things to share with anyone who is interested in financing a car. Regarding getting a car loan, Vickie says, “My personal pro tips for getting a car loan with bad credit are: bring as much complete biographical information as possible with you to your finance appointment, including proof of income, a utility bill with your address on it (especially if you recently moved), and a valid license for the state you reside in.”

The Best Advice She’s Ever Given

With the basics aside, Vickie notes that, “The greatest advice I can give is to hold the same employment for a longer period of time as well as show stability of residency. Even if you’re having a bit of trouble getting your credit score up, at least you have these two crucial forms of consistency in your favor. It’s also always a good idea to have something saved up to apply towards a down payment.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Wisconsin used car dealership spotlight series, and if you’re interested in learning about Easton Motors of AdamsEaston Motors of Baraboo, or Easton Motors of West Salem, we encourage you to use this series as a helpful resource.

Easton Motors, a trusted used car dealer since 1991, has expanded to multiple locations across Wisconsin, including Adams, Baraboo, West Salem, Wausau, Sun Prairie, and Green Bay. Our mission is to help individuals restore their credit while providing reliable transportation.
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