Creative Finance for Wisconsin Car Shoppers

Looking for a solution to your auto finance needs in Wisconsin? Creative Finance is here to help. The experienced staff is ready to help you get the car you need to get around town, get the kids to school, or get to work. A car is a huge part of daily life, and it should not feel like it is out of reach. That’s where Creative Finance comes in.

Who is Creative Finance?

We are the finance arm of Easton Motors, one of Wisconsin’s top used car dealerships with locations all over the state. We provide custom in-house car finance solutions to customers looking for a fresh ride from Easton Motors. We’ve been serving Wisconsin for over twenty years, providing financing tailored to the budgets of people from all over the Badger State.

Creative Finance offers a range of solutions for customers shopping for a used car from Easton Motors. Easton Motors is a buy here, pay here dealership, where Easton is where you “buy” and Creative Finance is where you “pay.” Our finance experts work with you to find the right financing solution, from the down payment to interest rate, that works for your individual needs.

How We Can Help You get Financed

Bankruptcies in your past are another bad credit issue we can deal with at Easton Motors. Getting a car loan with bankruptcy can be a challenge, but one we at Easton Motors have dealt with before. Even after Chapter 7, it’s possible to get back on the road with Easton Motors. Similarly, a foreclosure can be a blot on your credit record, but something the Easton finance department has seen and overcome before.

How Can Creative Finance Help my Credit?

Getting a car is important, but getting a car and repairing your credit is even better. Creative Finance reports your positive payment history to the credit bureaus, which improves your credit with each payment. That means your credit score can benefit while you enjoy your fresh ride from Easton Motors. Talk to us today to learn more about how your credit score can improve when you get financing through Creative Finance.

Easton Motors, a trusted used car dealer since 1991, has expanded to multiple locations across Wisconsin, including Adams, Baraboo, West Salem, Wausau, Sun Prairie, and Green Bay. Our mission is to help individuals restore their credit while providing reliable transportation.
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